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Recruiting Teachers In High Schools

Prince William County, VA is partnering with several universities to recruit students of color into the teaching workforce. The program seems well-funded enough to provide realistic incentives and supports to students:

Once the students are accepted, the nonprofit organization, Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Teachers, will link them with paid mentoring teachers in their schools, place them in SAT preparation courses and help them apply to a select group of colleges that promise to reduce the students’ tuition by at least 50 percent.

Students would apply by writing essays about why they want to be teachers, and they must maintain a B average and have a good record of class attendance. Having some minority or ethnic background is required.

After being admitted, participants would shadow a teacher and be required to tutor other students for at least two hours a week, for which they would be paid $10 an hour. The mentoring teachers would receive a stipend of about $1,000.

Students also would get SAT preparation training in a six-week course conducted by Kaplan Inc., which is owned by The Washington Post Co.

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Two Student Athletes Lead by Example

In this Washington Post article (via ASCD’s SmartBrief), Dion Haynes tells the story of two student athletes who made a pact to set an example for their peers at a DC public high school.

Jachin Leatherman and Wayne Nesbit, both star football players, turned down scholarships to prep schools in order to attend troubled Ballou High School. The article is an amazing account of the leadership and role modeling they have provided for their African American male peers, serving as peer tutors for their football teammates and challenging them to join the National Honor Society.

Read the article here.