Stop Scheduling Via Email – Try Doodle

When you’re trying to get a group of busy people together, it’s often very complicated to determine the best day and time for the meeting. If you’ve ever endured an 18-message email chain among a dozen people just to set one meeting, you know what I mean.

I just finished using Doodle for the first time to schedule a group meeting, and it turned out to be a great solution. Doodle is a freemium, ad-supported service that lets you poll meeting participants about potential dates and times, then allows you to select the date that works for the most (or most essential) people.

Here’s a sample screenshot:
Doodle screenshot

Polls can be embedded in web pages, finalized meetings can be exported in .ics (iCal) format, and there are other features that you can explore if you’re interested.

This isn’t a sponsored post or affiliate link; I just think Doodle is an elegant solution to a very common problem in the professional world.

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