Look for New Articles at PrincipalCenter.com

I’ve decided to move the majority of my future writing to PrincipalCenter.com, which we’ve been updating this year and hope to have finished in the next month or so.

Most of this change has been behind-the-scenes since February (when we switched from Drupal to WordPress), but you’ll see more visible changes at The Principal Center when we finalize our new design.

If you’re signed up for email updates, don’t worry—you won’t miss a thing.

If you subscribe by RSS, please update your feed subscription to point to http://www.principalcenter.com or http://www.principalcenter.com/feed (either will work in Feedly).

Eduleadership.org will live on, but I’ll be using it more for personal updates such as speaking announcements, occasional op-ed pieces, technical notes, and other tangential articles. My articles on productivity and instructional leadership will be appearing at PrincipalCenter.com from now on.

Thanks for being a reader!

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