How to Stay As Organized As You Want with Evernote

Imagine running by your office, flinging something onto your desk, and having your desk automatically stay neat and organized. Impossible, right? Of course, but not with the right digital tools.

The electronic notebook software Evernote can hold anything you “throw” at it—scanned paper documents, photographs of handwritten notes, emails with attachments, or just plain old notes you typed in a meeting. (On any device, by the way.)

Depending on your style, you can be as organized or disorganized as you want with it.

I tend to not be very organized with Evernote since I’ve never had trouble finding what I need with a quick search, but let’s say you want to keep your notes neat and tidy.

Instead of sitting down to the not-so-fun task of organizing notes, you can do it on the fly when you send stuff into Evernote.

Email Subject Line Becomes Note Title @Notebookname #tags

An easy way to send something to Evernote is via email, and you can pre-define which notebook Evernote stores a new note in by adding @Notebookname to the end of the email’s subject line.

For example, I have a personal notebook called “justinbaeder’s notebook” (clever, eh?). If I email myself a note like this:
Evernote email
this note automatically goes there rather than my default notebook.

Note: this only works if you put the notebook name after an @ sign at the end of the subject line. It won’t work to start the subject with the notebook name.

You can also add tags by adding #tagname to the end of the subject line, which is great if you use tags to keep track of a particular kind of note, like walkthroughs:
Walkthrough tag evernote

For the Advanced Class

If you’re a power user or just want to make this easier on yourself, consider setting up custom actions in Drafts to pre-fill some of this information for commonly sent notes. Let me know if I can help or if you have an example to share.

So, stay organized, or not. It’s up to you, and the tools can do the heavy lifting once you make the decision.

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