1. Chris Collins says:

    I totally agree about the importance of effective systems. I have worked in a school where there were few systems in place, which left little time for the work that should be a priority. I now am in a place where there are effective systems in place, and it allows me to spend a lot of time doing the work I signed up to do. I can’t wait to learn more about improving systems within the school.

  2. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Chris! It’s a great feeling (and easy to take for granted) when we get to do the work we signed up for, isn’t it?

  3. Montize Aaron says:

    I am excited to learn about more effective systems that I can put in place so I can be in classrooms more.

  4. This is my first year as a principal so I’m excited to learn more effective systems.

  5. I do want to learn more about setting up effective system but I also like to listen in short videos. So I guess I would suggest to keep the videos short as I have numerous interruptions.

  6. TeacherL7 says:

    Justin, anytime we can be more efficient in the things we find taking up excess time, I am for it! I would love to hear more abou the systems you have to share. Thanks!

  7. Justin,

    Thank you for the Instructional Leadership model and information you have made available to school leaders. It is important to get in the classrooms; however, I find it very difficult to get significant time in my early learning classrooms due to some teachers demands. It becomes a process of training teachers to think ahead and plan and prepare for their work ahead of time. At the early childhood level, it is a process of training teachers and giving them the feelings of importance and credibility.

  8. Great pep talk. I look forward to learning about these systems you have come up with. We are in a transition and are working to change out school climate and create new systems. Thank you for your efforts.

  9. Justin,

    This is a great beginning. I can’t wait to see the rest of the series. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Matt Wachel says:

    Justin, I love the systematic approach you have to help administrators be better instructional leaders to help teachers’ instruction improve. Thank you for helping me and other administrators be better at our role so we can support teachers, students and families. I found the instructional leadership challenge to be an extremely beneficial professional learning tool! I can’t wait to see the rest of the videos in the series.

  11. I am truly looking forward to this series. Can not wait for the next video. Great…

  12. Kerstin Santarelli says:

    Thanks for this series. Administration is both one of the most lonely jobs and at the same time one of the most rewarding. It’s helpful to have forms for us to share ideas, learn from one another, and ask questions. I really appreciate this support and the next steps! Your webinar on Ipads for Principals was outstanding. Completely changed the way I do evaluations. Saved time and energy!

  13. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Montize – glad to have you aboard! Hope you are doing well.

  14. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Rochelle—point well taken! We’ll keep them short and snappy! I’m thinking about making transcripts available too, so it’s faster to review them.

  15. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Brenna—I agree that other people are a huge part of the equation when it comes to making time to be in classrooms. It’s a combination of expectations, systems, and empowerment—I like what you said about helping feel competent to handle things on their own.

  16. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Matt! Much appreciated.

  17. eduleadership says:

    Hi Kerstin, thanks for saying so! Glad to hear it.

  18. Caren Creppel says:

    It was a good beginning. It got me thinking of the various jobs we do everyday and how can I begin to change to a change in the school for the better. We have a great school, but I know that there is always room for improvement throughout any area. Can’t wait to see more!

  19. Currently I am an Instructional Coach, working with a cohort of elementary schools, but I am looking towards moving to a role in Administration. The skills I am learning about and using in this role will help me along that path. I enjoyed participating in the Leadership Challenge and am looking at learning more through your video series.

  20. Nice intro, I’m really looking forward to the next video. Video looks professional and it’s easy to listen to you. Are you going to use animations to demonstrate concepts visually?

  21. eduleadership says:

    John, thanks for the feedback. I could definitely do that in future videos – thanks for the suggestion!

  22. I’m always looking for more systems. This first year at my school, I’ve been building relationships with teachers, focusing PD on reading instruction, and brainstorming systems that will get more small group reading instruction into every Y1-3 classroom every day.

    I also need systems for developing greater parent involvement in the school.

    The videos are great – and the ones from the IL challenge got me into classrooms much more.

    This particular video was a good intro to future videos. I found the music in the background to be a little distracting. Perhaps the volume was too high (?). That wouldn’t stop me from watching more, tho :).

  23. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Janet! I was curious as to how people would feel about the music. Thanks for the feedback!

  24. Justin – I thought your video was concise & well done. The background music seemed a little loud but I feel like it was engaging & made me want to see the next video.

  25. Justin,

    I enjoyed the video and background music seemed to add to the presentation. I appreciate listening to someone with experience. I look forward to hearing more.

  26. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Shari! I appreciate your feedback.

  27. eduleadership says:

    Kris, thanks very much for the input! Glad to hear from you.

  28. Hi Justin,
    You touched upon the root of my frustration as a principal–that the day to day gets in the way of real instructional leadership, which is the work every principal really wants to do, but seldom gets to do. I am looking forward to the series and learning anything I can to streamline the work so I can do what really needs to be done. Thank you.

  29. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Jane—glad you could join me!

  30. I appreciated your comment that being told “just delegate” doesn’t help. ;)

  31. Valerie Pitts says:

    The short and concise nature of this video was good. It is the difference between watching it and not watching it. Systems/process focus is exactly what principals need to put in place. I’m interested in using these as short upbeat reminders for school administrators.

  32. Karen Kay says:

    Justin-The video was wonderfully done. I believe no more than every principals need this message. Thanks,

  33. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Karen—I appreciate your kind words. Feel free to share this link!

  34. Mark Smith says:

    Justin, Thanks for the video. I am looking forward to the others. This is exactly the kind of thing I (and others) need. It is too easy to get sidetracked with all the minutia if you don’t have things in place to keep yourself on track.

  35. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Mark – glad you enjoyed it!

  36. Looking forward to additional videos. Thank you for your leadership for principals.

  37. Dianne Holmes says:

    Would like to share with all the principals in my school division. This seems to be some great reminders and would benefit ALL principals. Looking forward to the remaining videos. Thanks Justin!

  38. Justin,
    Thanks, you are right. With all the management and administrative tasks asked of us, we don’t get to impact teaching and learning as we should. I’ve shared and recommended this video and the series to all the building administrators in my district.

  39. eduleadership says:

    Thanks Dave! Kudos to you for taking on the challenge of being an instructional leader. I hope the video series is valuable you and everyone else in your district.

  40. Looking forward to the systems you speak of–need to find ways to focus on being an instructional leader.

  41. I am looking forward to the video series. I opened a new school that merged two communities together. To say the least, it has been a challenge. I am most interested in establishing systems.

  42. Many thanks for these leadership strategies. I will implement them in our school.

  43. Interested in viewing the other videos. I have participated in trainings related to being more efficient with time to free up large blocks to do classroom observations. It didnt include more than a few primitive systems and the only tech piece was Outlook. I am curious about the “systems” you speak of and how they might impact daily.

  44. I’m looking forward to the next video and the possibility of hearing more of the “meat” of the systems ideas. While well done, I thought this first one was much more of an introduction.

  45. This is a good overview. I feel like you were taking about me. I am ready for specifics on how I can improve.

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