ELR15: Barbara Blackburn, PhD on Rigor

Barbara BlackburnHow can we promote rigorous instruction in every classroom, for every student?

In this episode of Eduleadership Radio, Barbara Blackburn joins me to talk about what rigor really means for teachers and school leaders. Dr. Blackburn is the author of 13 books and dozens of articles on rigor in K-12 schools.

In our discussion, you’ll hear:

  • The most common misconceptions about rigor, and the top mistakes schools make when trying to increase rigor
  • Why rigor is for everyone, not just honor students
  • What’s new—and what’s not—in the Common Core State Standards when it comes to rigor
  • How teachers can help students with special needs do truly rigorous work
  • How school leaders can promote a culture of rigor in their schools

Eduleadership RadioBarbara Blackburn, PhD is an author and full-time consultant who works with schools around the country to help raise the level of rigor and motivation for professional educators and students alike.

Her website is BarbaraBlackburnOnline.com, and you can follow Barbara on Twitter @BarbBlackburn.

Her books include:

Rigor is NOT a Four-Letter WordRigor in Your School a Toolkit for LeadersRigor for Students with Special Needs

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